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The flood-resistant* development of the tried-and-tested up-and-over garage door

TBS, an innovative manufacturer of garage doors and access doors for over 30 years, has reached another milestone that will save many households a lot of worry and money in the future:
With its AquaLOCK®-System for garage doors and access doors, you can finally protect your building permanently from heavy rain or floodwater. This is because the certified sealing system turns the up-and-over garage door that has been used for decades into a flood-resistant water protection door.
Of course, you can have your AquaLOCK® garage door designed in a range of materials and colors, ensuring that you never have to compromise on style.

The advantages of the AquaLOCK® water protection garage door:

  • Garage door closed = 99.9% of the floodwater remains outside your garage
  • Protection up to water levels of 1.6 m based on a garage door height of 2.5 m (as per IFT Directive)
  • The economical solution compared to classic floodwater protection products
  • Certified by the European Flood Protection Association (Europaverband Hochwasserschutz e.V.)
  • Just the way you want it: The look and the structure
  • Delivered in the morning, installed by the evening: Straightforward installation from a single source
  • And: Additional, above-average protection against break-ins!

*What does "flood-resistant" mean, specifically?

During a flood, over 6,000 liters of water can press against your garage in a very short space of time. A normal garage door does not stand a chance – the entire weight of the water will flood the interior.
The AquaLOCK®-system for garage doors and access doors, on the other hand, can hold 99.9% of the water at bay, allowing no more than 24 liters in 24h to enter the garage – which is a volume that can be easily mopped up. Often, in practice, even less water than this actually enters your garage! The AquaLOCK® garage door, depending on the door height, is flood-resistant up to 1.6 m, and the AquaLOCK® access door is flood-resistant up to 2m.


Tests by the highly respected IFT Institute in Rosenheim are carried out using purified water. However, because floodwater is always dirty, the particles of dirt reinforce the water protection effect as they close off the tiny channels that water can still find its way into. So in practice, "flood-resistant" means that out of the thousands of liters that threaten your building, only a tiny fraction of – at most – 10 liters per hour can trickle through.